Does not Commute APK 1.0.0 Latest Free Download and Install on Android

Mediocre, the developers who brought us Smash Hit, has promised the ‘Does not Commute’ strategic driving game for Android and now it’s finally ready for download. Players are required to control many drivers one at a time in a closed setting. You can check it out on the Google Play Store now or download Does not Commute APK then install it on your mobile device.

Does not Commute is a fun, simple game with a unique idea. The back stories are hilarious, and the action isn’t as easy as it looks. You control every driver in the game, and your goal is to get them to their destination. Just trying various paths to get people from point A to B without disrupting traffic too much. How you control your first driver has an effect on your other drivers. It is an addicting puzzle game.

Everything! Graphics, gameplay, the way it is executed that you have only yourself to blame. This game is very original and has the player plan out their route every step of the game. Go straight in your earlier cars and you will be driving alongside them. You have to play through the stages a few times but once you get the practicing power up, the game becomes much easier.

Does not Commute must be played with devices running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above. It’s free for download, but in-app purchases are also offered to utilize premium checkpoints just like Smash Hit, which allow you to save your progress at any time. You do not need to purchase anything, but paying does make it easier to pick up where you left off. Check the source link below to download directly the Does not Commute APK file.

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