[APK Download] DomiNations For Android Update Bringing Fixed A Crash On Game Launch

While there are a variety of strategy game available today, DomiNations was one of the new games that got the genre going. The game is updated on a regular basis, with every update bringing plenty of bug fixes and improvements added that will hopefully make the in-game experience better for players. The team at NEXON has now fixed a crash on game launch affecting many Android devices. You can download the update from the Play Store.

DomiNations is an epic new strategy game like Civilization and Clash of Clans combined. The game lets you choose a nation (from the Brits to the Romans to the Chinese to the Greeks) and then lead it through human history. You have to build a base, build a few resource and troop producing buildings, and then march off to multiplayer to loot your enemies and gather resources. As a strategy game, DomiNations is almost like the real world. If you’re a fan of history and war, then this Android mobile game may just appeal to you.

As mentioned above, the latest version of DomiNations is live on the Google Play Store, so it’s a good idea to have a look and see if yours is ready. And for those who can’t get it on the market, you can download DomiNations APK version 1.2.58 from the link below.

What do you think of this newly released update? Do you like the team at NEXON has fixed a crash on game launch? Let us know how you like the update in the comments.

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